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  首届"中欧对话:媒介与传播研究 "北京大学暑期班合影:

  首届"中欧对话:媒介与传播研究 "北京大学暑期班圆满举行
  首届"中欧对话:媒介与传播研究 "北京大学暑期班招生简章


【Prof. Nico Carpentier】
Specialized in discourse analysis, participatory communication. Charles University in Prague *

【Prof. Zhenyi Li (李臻怡)】
* * *

【Prof. Gabriele Balbi】
History of digital media: main global trends Università della Svizzera Italiana Lugano, Switzerland

【Prof. Florence Padovani】
Specialized in Urban studies, social impact of internal migration in China. Paris 1 University Sorbonne *

【Prof. Massimo Ragnedda】
new media and theories of media, communication and culture. Northumbria University Newcastle, England

【Prof. Douwe van den Oever(万登道)】
* * *

【Prof. Zhan Zhang(张展】】
When Narrative Meets Network: Tracing International News In A Digital World University of Southern California USA

【Prof. Gianluigi Negro】
A Plea for the Internet Histories Università della Svizzera ItalianaLugano, Switzerland

【Prof. Shaohai Jiang (蒋少海)】
* *

【Prof. Giuseppe Richeri】
New Trends in Global Film Industry Università della Svizzera Italiana Lugano, Switzerland

【Prof. Daniel Perrin】
Professional text production and the digital literacy shift: From focused writing to writing by-the-way Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur, Switzerland

【Prof. Natalie Coulter】
The Globalization of Children's Culture in the Chinese Context York University Toronto, Canada

【Prof. Matthew Hibberd】
Communicating Climate Change Università della Svizzera ItalianaLugano, Switzerland

【Prof. Emma Lupano】
Chinese Journalists Values in a Global Media Sphere University of MilanMilan, Italy

【Prof. Daya Thussu】
BRICS and Shifting Paradigms of Global Communication; International News in the 'post-truth' era University of Westminster London, UK

【Prof. Bettina Mottura】
The Internationalisation of Xinhua News Agency and Institutional Translation University of Milan,Italy


【Prof. SHI Anbin(史安斌)】
From NWICO, WSIS to UNM: Remapping the Topography for Global Communication Tsinghua UniversityBeijing

【Prof. LU Shaoyang(陆绍阳)】
New Development of Chinese Film Industry Peking University Beijing

【Prof. Wu Jing(吴靖)】
Specialized in critical media and cultural studies, social theories of communication and media technology, social uses of new media. Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. Xu Jing(许静)】
Strategic Risk Communication on Food Safety in China Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. Lun Zhang(张伦)】
Specialized in computational communication research Beijing Normal UniversityBeijing

【Prof. Kui Zhou(周逵)】
Experienced journalist, award-winning documentary director, specialized in qualitative studies of digital games, online culture and political communication. Communication University of China Beijing

【Prof. Dianlin Huang(黄典林)】
Specialized in media culture, media and underprivileged groups in the Chinese context, critical communication studies. Communication University of ChinaBeijing

【Prof. Chenyu Dong(董晨宇)】
Specialized in digital anthropology, technological affordances of new (emergent) media, and interpersonal connections in social media. Renmin University of ChinaBeijing

【Prof. Hongzhe Wang(王洪喆)】
Specialized in digital technology, media history, cyberculture and class related issues. Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. Jack Yinchuan Qiu(邱林川)】
Goodbye iSlave: Toward a Sustainable Digital Economy Chinese University of Hong KongHong Kong

【Prof. Wang Xiaohong(王晓红)】
The New form of “Digital Divide”: Impact of Using Online Video Platforms on the Social Capital Difference Between Urban and Rural China. Communication University of China Beijing

【Prof. HU Yong(胡泳)】
When Chinese Internet is no longer Anonymous Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. Xigen LI(李喜根)】
Studying New Media with a Social Science Approach City University of Hong KongHong Kong

【Prof. Gong Wenxiang(龚文庠)】
Error Analysis in Cross-cultural Communication Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. JIANG Fei(姜飞)】
Mapping or Remapped: Intercultural Interpretation of China Media-Going-Out-Policy Chinese Academy of Social SciencesBeijing

【Prof. HU Baijing(胡百精)】
The Internet, Crisis Communication and Social Identity Renmin UniversityBeijing

【Prof. CHEN Kaihe(陈开和)】
Searching for Mutual Understanding: China's Practices in International Public Relations Peking UniversityBeijing

【Prof. GUO Zhenzhi(郭镇之)】
Chinese Media: History and Current Development Tsinghua UniversityBeijing

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