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School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University

General Information

Peking University's School of Journalism and Communication was founded on May 28th, 2001, aiming at nurturing talented professionals in journalism and communication who have a world vision, are familiar with government policies and regulations, understand and master the new technology, and have a solid command of foreign languages.

Historical Development

Peking University is a pioneer in modern Journalistic education in China. In 1918, Peking University started the first Journalistic course; The Journalism Research Institute of Peking University founded in 1918 was the first of its kind; Journalism written by Professor Xu Baohuang of Peking University in 1919 was the first introductory book on journalism; In 1919, News Weekly published by the Journalism Research Institute of Peking
University was the first academic Journalistic magazine. In 1952, Peking University opened the first Journalism Studies program sincethe founding of the People's Republic of China.

The School's development is enhanced by Peking University's status as one of the most prestigious comprehensive universities in China. The university's unique strength in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences meets the needs of the new school in training versatile communication practitioners and scholars. Peking University, with its 110 years' history, boasts a tradition of academic freedom which helps to draw to the school an outstanding faculty and best student body in the nation.

Research Institutes

Institute of Culture and Communication
Institute of Modern Publishing
Institute of Modern Advertisement
Institute of Russian Communication and Media
Center for World Chinese-Language Media
Center for Market and Media Studies
Center for Financial News Studies
Institute of Journalism, Peking University
Center for Intercultural Communication and Management Studies
Center for Public Communication & Social Development, PKU

Degrees, Majors and Programs

BA in Journalism
BA in Publishing and Editing
BA in Advertising
BA in Radio & TV Broadcasting
MA in International Journalism, Journalistic Communication, Economic and Financial Journalism, Internet Journalism
MA in Mass Communication, International Communication, Communication Theory and Research Methodology, Advertising, New Media and Internet Communication, Media Management, Publishing and Editing.
Ph.D. in Communication

Faculty and Administration


Dean: Lu, Shaoyang
Deputy Dean: Chen, Gang
Deputy Dean: Yu, Hong
Deputy Dean: Wu, Jing

Party Secretary: Chen, Gang
Deputy Party Secretary of the Party: Liang, Lu

Full time faculty members:

Chen, Gang, Ph.D., Professor, Advertising and Communication, Ph.D. advisor
Chen, Kaihe, Ph.D., Associate Professor, International Communication
Chen, Rudong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Communication
Cheng, Manli, Ph.D., Professor, History of Journalism and International Journalism, Ph.D. advisor
Guan, Shijie, MA, Professor, Intercultural and International Communication, Ph.D. advisor
He, Shu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, International Communication and Public Speech
Hu, Yong, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Feature and Documentary Production
Li, Kun, Ph.D., Associate Professor, International Communication and Research Methodology
Liu, Dehuan, Ph.D., Professor, Media Market and Research Methodology, Ph.D. advisor
Lui, Yi, Ph.D., Associate professor, Reporting and Writing Skills
Lu, Di, Ph.D., Professor, Media Industry,Ph.D. advisor
Lu, Shaoyang, Ph.D., Professor, Film Criticism and Communication
Shi, Xuejun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Media Management
Shi, Zengzhi, Ph.D., Professor, Publishing and Communication
Tian, Li, Ph.D., Lecturer, New Media and Internet Communication
Wang, Xiuli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, International Communication

Wang, Yihong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Intercultural and International Communication
Wu, Jing, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication Theory

Xiao, Dongfa, Professor, History of Publishing and Communication, Ph.D.advisor
Xie, Xinzhou, Ph.D., Professor, New Media and Internet Communication, Ph.D. advisor
Xu, Hong, Professor, Economic and Financial Journalism, Ph.D. advisor
Xu, Jincan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Advertising and Communication
Xu, Jing, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Political and International Communication
Yan, Fuchang, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, New Media and Internet Communication
Yang, Boxu, Ph.D.,Professor, International Communication and Research Methodology, Ph.D. advisor
Yu, Hong, Ph.D.,Professor, News Anchor and Broadcast News Reporting, Ph.D. advisor
Yu, Lu, MA, Associate Professor, Advertising and Visual Art

Zhang, Ji, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication History and Media Law
Zhou, Yijun, MA, Associate Professor, News Anchor and Broadcast News Reporting


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